Why the skin loft?

Unlike most beauty salons out there today, which is all about the volume of clients they can get through their doors. With a very high turn over of staff resembling more of a fast food chain then a luxury beauty clinic.
The skin loft is proudly "by appointment only clinic". Clients are carefully allocated time to have their chosen service performed by Cathy Radford who is one of the highly respected Skin Therapist out there today. With a career spanning over 10 years. Cathy, known in the industry as the "skin whisperer to the Stars". With some of the most Well respected Australian celebrities regularly booking in to be treated to a customised facial.
Cathy Combines traditional French Massage techniques to stimulate skin cell renewal to aid the removal of toxins and impurities. Whilst adding modern day technology with the finest skincare on the market to achieve optimal results.
DELUXE TREATMENTS in a luxury setting