Dr. Spiller Biomimetic

Dr. Spiller Biomimetic uses the patented Hydratain® emulsion system, making it completely unique in skin care - by providing you with the ultimate in hydration and anti-ageing.


Understanding how your skin works is fundamental to caring for your skin. For instance, most skin care is water-based, but your skin is water-proof. How then does water-based skin care penetrate your skin? Well, it cannot.




Beauty begins with Passion

Every company has intrinsic qualities that carry over from their origins. Imprinted in Environ’s DNA is human passion, one man’s intense desire for radically effective skin care.

Beauty begins with A

There are three fundamental features that set Environ apart:

Vitamin A

Environ products contain ultra-high potency levels of Vitamin A. It is where Environ began, and where it continues to lead the field. We have created a unique “step-up” programme to gradually increase potency and we have included a range of high quality ingredients to optimise effectiveness.



All of the ingredients in Environ products are formulated for maximum activity.This means many things, from the formulation of the ingredients (e.g. chiral correctness) to the way they are manufactured and packaged (free from oxygen and light).



Environ is a pioneer in technologies that increase delivery of the active ingredients by factors of up to 100. These include micro-needling, Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis.

Germaine De Capuccini


Only the highest quality ingredients are used in Germaine De Capuccini products to deliver exceptional results. With a team of over 300 professionals working in an advanced laboratory in Europe, each product and treatment is subject to rigorous effectiveness testing to ensure the high product standards and results are met.

The latest scientific discovery developed by Germaine De Capuccini contains Epigenol and is a first of its kind. Available in Timexpert SRNS Range, this high performing ingredient revitalizes the youthfulness proteins (which are switched off when ageing begins).


The skin results after one single application include firmer, more hydrated and less visible wrinkles. It’s this type of product advancement that Germaine De Capuccini prides itself on and has clients experiencing clinically proven results.

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