Lymphatic Drainage, Personalised boosters & take home product

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 360 Australian dollars
  • 2/167 Argyle St

Service Description

HydraFacial is so much more than just another facial. It’s an experience. A pleasure. A feeling. And a confidence booster. It focuses on the unique philosophy of ‘Skin Health for Life’. HydraFacial uses advanced, patented vortex technology to deeply cleanse the skin and effectively deliver botanical ingredients containing nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut seed extract, red algae extract, copper, zinc and magnesium peptides to where they do the most good. In addition, HydraFacial also delivers powerful antioxidants to counteract damage by free radicals – from pollution, sun and stress – which can degrade the skin and accelerate the ageing process. The Skin Loft Bespoke Platinum HydraFacial includes: Double Cleanse Lymphatic Drainage HydraFacial steps: 1. Cleanse + Peel - Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and resurfacing 2. Extract + Hydrate - Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers 3. Fuse + Protect - Saturate the skin's surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize glow. 4. 1 of 3 Personalised Boosters +DERMABUILDER Booster - Advanced age-refining peptide complex designed to improve the appearance of deeper wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity. Advanced ageing +REGENGF Booster- Regenerative peptides mimic growth factors to boost production of collagen and elastin. Early signs of ageing +HYDROGLUCAN Booster- Maintain hydration in the skin and restore a smoother youthful appearance. Its for everyone! 5. Application of Intense Eye & Lip serums (Take home vials for continuous use) Finish with LED Light, Mask & Head massage So, for long-term healthy skin and a glowing complexion why settle for an ordinary facial, when you can choose a HydraFacial?

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  • 2/167 Argyle St, Picton, 2571